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View the world modestly, attentively and calmly

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"When I looked back, everyone was far away"

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| Cool-headed Geek | Faithful Listener | Mind Swimmer | Ever-Loner | THE Software Magician |

A mind of Science with a passion for Arts

Receptive & Cooperative

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Computer Science major at University of Wisconsin - Madison


Desktop App Development, Deep Learning, Unix System Architecture, Decentralized Network, Website Backend


Need internship; Attention Deficit Disorder; Single; Photo Post-Production; Piano, Erhu; ...

What I Do

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  • Programming

    Build some utility programs, half of them is open source. A faithful Vim user, (and VSCode user sometimes). #EverVim

    -> My Software

  • UI/UX Design, Photo Processing, Cosplay Post-Production

    Maybe good at photo processing, (with Photoshop and Affinity Photos). I do the design work for my own software, and do some post-production for cosers (when I have time).

    -> Contact me for Cos AfterEffects

  • Make & Enjoy Music

    Music is my second language. I play some nice Anime OP/ED-s(but I don't watch them), acoustic pieces and some Chinese song. I'm still making some sheet work in my spare time. (Also I play Erhu...)

    -> Some music sheets that I made or love

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Quotes that I believe

Walter O'Brian

CEO of Scorpion Computer Services

Never hobble your intelligence for anyone. The world needs to catch up to you, because if it can, even just a little bit, imagine what a beautiful place it could be.

Robert Collyer

English-born American Unitarian clergyman

A man's best friends are his ten fingers

Winston Churchill

Former British Prime Minister

Solitary trees, if they grow at all, grow strong