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My Software Projects::

Project Israfil

Open Source, LGPL
Music lovers in China may notice that due to copyright problems, music resources in each music platform is not complete and sometimes users have to download 5 music apps to find the music they want. So I initiated Project Israfil to use the open source power to provide convenience for chinese users. It is still in early development. Github Link


Ready for open source
A static site generator aiming to implement most of Wordpress features yet produces fully static files. (The site you are navigating is powered by Lumos).

Project Raziel

Quantum Resistant Crypto and TLS Library using Modern C++.


Project VoidNet aims to create a new fashion of Internet using P2P technology and customizable encryption algorithms to prevent privacy leak and make internet truly neutral.

Project Cherubim

Machine Consciousness with highly efficient training algorithm.


A wall-breaking software that helps netizens in China bypass the Great Firewall and get access to sites blocked in Mainland China. EverCross V3


Presentation and Slides-creating software using HTML5+Css3 technology, helping you design your Slides elegantly, easily and effectively.

Acme Care:

Website that promotes equality between people of different races, colors and believes. Also provide care for the physically challenged.

Please note that this is only a little part of My Software Project, if you want to discover more, use Project VoidNet above and enter to enter my TRUE software kingdom.

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