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Before you get into test each method of parsing a file line by line create a large file.

echo "stdout text"; echo "stderr text">&2; } > file 2>&1

I have a series of input UI objects that get the user options.

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It might have been better to use an iterator to avoid having to read from the file at the. sys.stderr.write(os.I want to redirect stdout and stderr of a shell UNIX script to 2 different files and also the stdout and stderr-messages must appear on the console.

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Use cat and output redirection to create the file and use a.

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This command. redirecting stdout into stderr and then redirecting stderr into a file A.

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Linux shell scripting is awesome, in this post we will discuss input, output, redirection, suppressing errors, file descriptors and much more.When using grep with pipes, the file argument is omitted since the input data is arriving via the pipe.

Somebody at work recently asked if it were possible in Bash to have stdout and stderr both visible on the terminal but also copied to separate log files. Normally.

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Which does something like this: Here stdout and stderr remain attached to the terminal, but input is read from the file.