About this New Site

Welcome to this new website

I’ve been working on the “Lumos static site generator” for a while, aiming to create a full featured static site generator that can replace most of the WordPress features.
This website is the very first static site generated by Lumos that uses a theme modified from wordpress to fit Lumos. See DuenaStudio/DuenaTheme for the original one.
If you need something from my wordpress blog, please visithttps://etasry.ml Chinese visitors may suffer from low-speed connection to Google Fonts.


  • yirong.ml is in English
  • rongyi.ml is in Chinese

This site (yirong.ml) is ready for almost all visitor accross the globe. It uses services accessable to all including [Google Fonts, Google Analytics, imgur, Disqus] and is hosted on Github Pages, while the Chinese site uses many local services, like [useso font, baidu analytics, tietuku, duoshuo]. So rongyi.ml is likely to have slow loading speed outside mainland China.


  • You can double tap “Alt” to search contents of this blog
  • The post permalink structure is “/year/month/day/slug.html”
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Lumos Static Site Generator

For now, it’s still a propriatary project on Github, and I don’t think anyone would ever user it except me. So I’ll leave it close-source. (You can commment below if you want the code) The README file on Github (including copyright info):


license israfil
Full Featured Static Site Generator


What it is

A static site generator, aiming to support most features of WordPress and replace my old WP Blog.

Why? There’re dozens of Hexo-s

I created this project mainly because I can’t bear the slow loading speed of WordPress while there isn’t a full alternative static site generator. It’s probably just my personal project, but everyone can use it for free under the term of AGPL. Issues are also welcomed.


  • [x] Categories!
  • [x] Side Widgets!
  • [x] TagCloud! (in my theme)
  • [x] FrontPage and PostPage support
  • [x] Full site minify !
  • [x] Post Counts for specific Cat or Tag
  • [x] Recent Posts
  • [x] Cross All Platforms and Architectures
  • [x] Search !
  • [x] Other awesome features from PUGO 0.10
    • [x] Auto Deploy to git, aws, ftp, cdn.
    • [x] Sitemap and Feed generation
  • [x] Other awesome features from Deuna
    • [x] Fully responsive
    • [x] Flat and modern design
    • [x] Social Info
  • [ ] Customized Permalink


Since my goal is to replace my wp site, here are the current comparison between the site generated by Lumos and the original WordPress site (both in Duena Theme).

Lumos Site:


WordPress Site:



  • Requires Go 1.5+ and Glide package manager
  • Install the required packages using glide install then,
  • If you are on *nix, then build-all.sh will help you generate binaries for all platforms(Win, Linux, Darwin, Freebsd) with all archs(386, amd64, arm)
  • Else go build will always produce the executable.


Lumos is licensed under AGPL V3 (see doc/LICENSE). However, the website generated does not apply this license, meaning you can freely modify the output HTMLs.
This project contains part of code from Pugo 0.10.0(MIT License), see doc/PUGO.LICENSE for details

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HHVM+MariaDB make PHP faster

This post is still under translation to English

HHVM是Facebook开源的PHP、Hack执行引擎,因为Facebook大多数的网页都是用PHP写的(包括Mark Zuckerburg在宿舍写的那部分),而PHP官方的zend又是效率极低。HHVM的Benchmark显示其效率比现在广泛使用的PHP5.x高5~10倍。搭配mariadb和nginx这两个轻量级的服务器软件,PHP网页的执行效率可能是用LAMP(Linux Apache2 MySQL PHP)搭建的网页高2~3倍,具体参照本网站的加载速度。


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