LibrePlanet 2017 @ MIT

My friends and I just finished the first day at LibrePlanet 2017 at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It’s probably a right time to log for the day.

We arrived at MIT Stata Center, 32 Vassar St, Cambridge MA at around 11 a.m. So we just skipped the opening keynotes (which is about Free Software under Donald Trump’s Gov).

Stata Center Entrance


After eight of us finished the registration, we got a name tag each and several stickers.

Sticker, Name Card & Conference Manual


There’re several blackboards that are open for scribble.

This is one of them :)


There is a pretty interesting mechanical calculator that simulates bit operations to do calculations. I still cannot fully understand how it works.

Digi Comp II


The lectures (or conference) throughout the whole day is kind of tedious most of the time, until Richard Stallman: the founder of GNU, FSF, creator of Emacs, GPL gave the talk.

Richard giving free software awards

This year’s awards are for Trisqual GNU/Linux and SecureDrop richard-talk

The Best Part

We got a chance to have a group photo with Richard Stallman!


Left To Right: Mingcong Bai (Creator of AOSC) , Staph, Richard Stallman, Me.

Burlington Capital

That was on our way to the dinner place, (and was badly focused) burlington-capital

And Google just have to promote their styled photo to me burlington-capital-styled

That’s pretty much what we’ve seen on Day 1. And we’ll have to take off tomorrow afternoon so I guess we can only attend the morning conference for tomorrow.

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