About this New Site

Welcome to this new website

I’ve been working on the “Lumos static site generator” for a while, aiming to create a full featured static site generator that can replace most of the WordPress features.
This website is the very first static site generated by Lumos that uses a theme modified from wordpress to fit Lumos. See DuenaStudio/DuenaTheme for the original one.
If you need something from my wordpress blog, please visithttps://etasry.ml Chinese visitors may suffer from low-speed connection to Google Fonts.


  • yirong.ml is in English
  • rongyi.ml is in Chinese

This site (yirong.ml) is ready for almost all visitor accross the globe. It uses services accessable to all including [Google Fonts, Google Analytics, imgur, Disqus] and is hosted on Github Pages, while the Chinese site uses many local services, like [useso font, baidu analytics, tietuku, duoshuo]. So rongyi.ml is likely to have slow loading speed outside mainland China.


  • You can double tap “Alt” to search contents of this blog
  • The post permalink structure is “/year/month/day/slug.html”

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